TAXES: 5 Tips to Have Peace of Mind

TAXES: 5 Tips to Have Peace of Mind

TAXES: 5 Tips to Have Peace of Mind

1. File your federal tax return early!

The IRS requires taxpayers to file their returns at least 4 months before April 15th. If you don't have enough time to complete your income taxes, you may want to consider filing an extension. You'll get all the same options we offer our clients - including electronic filing and e-filing extensions - plus some extra perks.

2. Use the right software

If you're not sure whether you need an accountant, use a free online tax preparation tool to figure out if you qualify for any deductions. If you do, you'll save money on accountants' fees.

3. Keep track of your expenses

Use our free online expense tracker to keep track of all your business travel, entertainment, subscriptions, and other expenses. Then, enter them directly onto your tax return.

4. Save receipts

You can deduct certain types of business expenses on your tax return. Make sure to take a picture of your receipt or write down the details.

5. Get help

If you still aren't comfortable doing your own taxes, contact us. We'll make sure you receive the best advice possible.

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